How to move an LVM volume to a new drive

When setting up my NAS with RHEL 9.1 I wanted to move the initial install to a new disk

By default RHEL 9.x installs to disk by creating 3 partitions:

  • /boot/efi
  • /boot
  • LVM
    • Volume Group = ‘rhel’
      • Logical Volume = ‘root’
      • Logical Volume = ‘swap’

I’m happy to leave the boot partitions as they are but I want to move the LVM VG ‘rhel’ to a new disk!

SOURCE disk is /dev/sdb[3]
DESTINATION disk is /dev/sda

Extend LVM Volume Group to include the destination disk

sudo vgextend rhel /dev/sda

Move the data from source disk to destination disk

sudo pvmove /dev/sdb3 /dev/sda

Remove the source disk from the Volume Group

sudo vgreduce rhel /dev/sdb3

Remove the source disk from Physical Volumes

sudo pvremove /dev/sdb3

Extend the volume to fill the destination disk and resize the filesystem

sudo lvextend -r -l+100%FREE /dev/rhel/root


There should be no need to update /etc/fstab as the existing entry will be pointing to the LVM volume eg. /dev/mapper/rhel-root which on the physical level is now already pointing to our new disk with the migrated data